Sunday, June 20, 2010

Polo shirts for men

While some polo shirts for men are made for sipping appletinis and for such expensive taste, you wouldn't want them to get a wrinkle or stain, we think of our rugged polo as the ruuged version of 'em. A man version of the polo shirt. It got redeemed, by American Buffalo.

The buffalo roamed free from Florida to California, and we believe our polos need enough room to free range as well. From under the hood of the car, to a night out, to an adventure west. We see these as for all uses, and all places. Versatile, like a man needs to be. Roll in the dirt, like the buffalo in 'em. That is what they are for and why we priced them so you could afford to.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Buffalo Wallets

Buffalo & Company has a new product, the buffalo leather wallets. They are designed from quality buffalo leather in Wyoming. It is the Lewis and Clark series. The wallet is handmade and of bison leather creating the perfect rugged wallet of style and also classic and sleek styles. These leather wallets are created for the man who prefers the unique items. Made with a buffalo nickel, an original, riveted onto the wallet. It will last and offer a tough wallet that can handle all kinds of places. This wallet made from animal buffalo leather hide of the west with the quality craftsmen of made in America. You can't beat these products.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Wax Canvas Hat

Buffalo & Company has just released its latest item, the wax canvas cotton baseball hat. It includes our signature logo, and has metal clasp, and is a great fit with it being unstructured, and offering the look and durability of a rugged hat.

You can get yours for $24.50. It is made of 100% cotton and with wax canvas to wear in and last for many years for hunting, fishing, or anything outdoors you need it for.

Wax canvas cotton hat

Friday, May 7, 2010

the ripstop buffalo and company hat

check out the latest offering from Buffalo and Company. A ripstop hat that is with our classic buffalo logo and embroidery colors. cotton that is rugged for a hat, and with the buffalo and company symbol. take on adventures, explore the wilderness, and live out the adventure and honor your wild. We believe it is a classic style for southern gentleman and the outdoors.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Camel Travel Bags

We want to introduce the most recent bag to our collection, the camel travel bags. These bags are made of camel leather. From India. Explorers and adventurers from Africa to United States. They are crafted by local artisans, and have authentic leather and smells of the camels from which they came from. The leather is authentic. Genuine. It is a camel traveller bag. Also known as the travel bag. It is a satchel as some would call it. Roosevelt is our inspiration. The camel travel leather bag traveller is for sale for $199.50.

The Rugged Polo

A rugged polo shirt, that is tough, rugged, and for a wild side of a man. It offers the rougher polo, and a rugged polo for what a man is looking for in life. It shows what real men wear, authentic clothes with character and a wild side of masculinity, and toughness. This rugged polo can be worn in the outdoors, or a classic line of clothes. take it anywhere. it is that rugged of a polo. Classic and simple. But one you can wear in a fight, or in the town.

The rugged polo is only $39.50. You can purchase it here.